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LaserTank 1.2


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LaserTank - cool puzzle game for PDA!You must get your tank to the flag in every level. Your tank can move in four directions and can fire a laser that is used to move objects.LaserTank has 2030 Levels to play!!! Levels are divided on a degree of difficulty into 5 types: kids, easy, medium, hard, deadly.In the majority it are entertaining levels (easy and medium) offering to decide a simple logic task and to enjoy by game of wit at free minute.But if you love to break a head - load levels "hard" and "deadly". Will be above what to think, is exact!You can play by free into 7 levels of file 'demo.pdb' (it is applied to the program).In demo-levels I have placed interesting and simple (basically kids, easy, last two - medium) levels.With the purpose of training and acquaintance to opportunities of this wonderful game.LaserTank work for monochrome, color and shade of gray PDA, also for High Resolution of color PDA (HiRes, Sony). Screenshots The program was tested for Palm OS 3.0 and later.Ready for PalmOS 5 Control with stylus Control with buttons Control with JogDial 1. pressing of free cell (ground, ice) will cause movement of the tank on this cell;2. pressing of object (block, mirror, anti-tank) will cause shot of the tank by laser beam;3. pressing of self tank will cause turn on 90 degrees clockwise (tank turns on a place). 1. JogUp - movement forward in the chosen direction;2. JogDown - turn on a place (change of a direction of movement);3. JogPush - shot. The wonderful world of LaserTank FeaturesThe tank turns on one place are not considered as moving (program consider amount of movings and shots).Movable block can be moved by being shot at with a laser (every thing else will sink). If it is pushed into water, it will form a bridge.Clicking a menu item "Info" you can find the name of the author of a level, amount of fulfilment movings and shots.Clicking a menu item "Hint" you can find the help from the author of a level on its passage.You can undo 20 latest movings of tank (item "Undo move") and can restart the level (item "Restart"). LaserTank has 2030 Levels to play (Site of game). Levels are divided on a degree of difficulty into 5 types: kids, easy, medium, hard, deadly. Each file contains on 50 levels (average).LaserTank (Palm-version) is a shareware program. You can play by free into 7 levels of file 'demo.pdb' (it is applied to the program). To play any others 2030 levels it is required to be registered.
Macintosh, PDA, Palm OS 1.0
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Author: Vladislav Milevski
License: Shareware
Price: $14.95
File Size: 1000.0 KB
Downloads: 116

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